Evan Cohen

Cantor Evan Cohen grew up in Monroe, New York, and graduated from the George Washington University in 1996, magna cum laude. There, as a natural continuation of his music studies, he played the tympani in the Wind Ensemble, the congas in “Los Gringos,” and sang in the University Choir, receiving the prestigious Harmon Choral Award. He then enrolled as a rabbinical student at the Hebrew Union College but only completed one year, having fallen in love with Israel and then making aliyah in 1998. Through the influence of Cantor Eliyahu Schleifer at HUC and Cantor Naftali Herstik at Jerusalem’s Great Synagogue, he fell in love again, this time with chazzanut (cantorial arts). Cantor Evan is the first Reform graduate of the Tel Aviv Cantorial Institute, studying under Cantors Naftali Herstik, Chaim Feifel, and Maestro Raymond Goldstein, and has served as the cantor of his synagogue in Jerusalem, Kehilat Har-El, since 2001.

Representing his congregation and his alma mater, he has performed and taught in Israel, the United States, Holland, Germany, China, Russia, and Indonesia to great acclaim. Cantor Evan has also served on the cantorial faculty of the Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem and has released two albums, “Shabbat Shebalev (The Shabbat of the Heart)”, a recording of the music of Kabbalat Shabbat at Kehilat Har-El and “V’samachta B’chagecha (You Shall Rejoice in Your Festival), a joint recording with Cantor Eliyahu Schleifer of the music for the morning service of the Three Festivals.

In addition, Cantor Evan is a professional music engraver, specializing in Jewish liturgical music, and has collaborated with major cantors and conductors around the Jewish world.

Above all, however, Cantor Evan insists on mentioning his third and most important loves, that of his wife, Miri and his two daughters Rina and Hila.

Years of experience: 19
Ashkenzai (Sfard/Ashkenaz)
Sefaradic- Andalusia (Moroccan/Algerian)
Sefaradic- Jerusalem (Halabi/Tunisian/Persian/Iraqi)
My stream: Reform
Performing Streams:
Ultra Orthodox
Modern Orthodox
Conservative - Masorti

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