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Cantor David Presler is a versatile, celebrity Entertainer who has performed in South Florida for 10 Seasons and over 300 Concerts! He has Served as Cantor/Educator for 25 years. His dynamic and engaging personality, varied repertoire, and amazing baritone voice makes him one of the most sought after solo performers in the area. David is also an international Cantor with an operatic Bass Baritone voice.
His college degrees were earned in Music Education at the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College as well as doctoral studies in Jewish Education and Administration at Yeshiva University.
David is a Published Composer (Sim Shalom) with Transcontinentall Music Publications. Recordings includes "Time for Moshiach" with Jewish Jazz selections in a Neo-Hassidic-Jazz idiom.

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Skills: Concert, Recording Artist, Opera Singer, Producer, Piano, Music Theory, Voice Teacher, Music Notation, Composition, Choral Conducting, and Music Publishing.

Years of experience: 30
Ashkenzai (Sfard/Ashkenaz)
Sefaradic- Andalusia (Moroccan/Algerian)
Sefaradic- Jerusalem (Halabi/Tunisian/Persian/Iraqi)
My stream: Conservative - Masorti
Performing Streams:
Ultra Orthodox
Modern Orthodox
Conservative - Masorti
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Instagram: david_presler_entertainer

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