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Community marketplace

JVocals is an online platform where Jewish Voice Talents and other marketplace users can connect.

JVocals is an innovative Israeli startup which was founded in 2019 out of a strong passion for cantorial music.

Our Vision: 

  • To  boost the revival of Jewish music,  with an emphasis on cantorial music.
  • To connect people around the world through music, and increase joy (simcha). 
  • To bring together different denominations and streams of Judaism through music.

Our Mission:

To produce an accessible, interactive, and secure online platform that directly connects Jewish Voice Talents to users around the world seeking these services.

Who is it for?

  • Jewish Voice Talents who want to list and directly promote their services, including:  cantors, choirs, voice teachers, singers, bands, B'nei-Mitzvah teachers, etc. 
  • Users such as: individuals, congregations, Jewish community centers, and other organizations who wish to hire Jewish Voice Talents from around the world.

- NO registration fees
- Hassle-free booking of your favorite talents

Our Team:

Motti Hasfari, Founder & CEO
20+ years of Sales & Marketing experience in the FMCG industry - Philip Morris, RedBull & Mars Chocolate. Former CEO of Gett (GetTaxi) in Israel. Graduate of the Central Cantorial Institute in Petach Tikva, led by Eli Yaffe and of the Tel Aviv Cantorial Institute (TACI), led by Naftali Herstik. Performs as the High Holiday Cantor for Congregations Sinai in San Jose , CA.

Eliezer Charlap, Co-Founder
Professional cantor. Graduate of the Central Cantorial Institute in Petach Tikva, led by Eli Yaffe.  Performs as the High Holiday Cantor at the Savion Synagogue  in Israel. Vast experience performing on stages around the world.

Yaki Lower, Co-Founder
Professional cantor and choir soloist. Graduate of the Central Cantorial Institute in Petach Tikva, led by Eli Yaffe. 7 years of experience performing  at the Great Synagogue  in Jerusalem, Israel and on concert stages around the world. Manager of the music library at the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem.

Give Your SIMCHA a Voice!
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"יֶעֱרַב נָא שִׂיחִי עָלֶיךָ, כִּי נַפְשִׁי תַעֲרֹג אֵלֶיךָ" (שיר הכבוד)
מוקדש לעילוי נשמת אימי האהובה- רחל (רוחל'ה) בת רבקה ומנחם לבית טפרברג / הספרי ז"ל
אשת חיל ומחנכת מסורה. ישרת לב, אמיצת רוח ואהובה על כל רואיה.