Information about JVocals

How it works

How it works

JVocals is an online community for Jewish Voice Talents.
We are here to connect Jewish Voice Talents such as cantors, choirs, voice teachers, singers, bands, B'nei-Mitzvah teachers, etc. to your event.
Jvocals offers users an easy way to find the perfect Jewish Voice Talent for their needs. The platform allows users to conduct filtered searches, read reviews, and access extensive samples of recordings and videos.  

All users need to sign-up before making any transaction.
- NO registration fees
- Hassle-Free booking of your favorite talents
All paid transactions are secured and PCI-compliant by PayPal.

If you are seeking a Jewish Voice Talent: 
  1. Select the "Listing Type" to identify the type of Jewish Voice Talent needed.
  2. Select the "Category" to identify the type of service that is being sought.
  3. Select the appropriate filters to further refine your search.
  4. Select individual Jewish Voice Talents to obtain detailed information, including biography, reviews, recordings, and videos.
  5. "Contact/Check Availability" with your selected talent to get an accurate quote, and to confirm availability.
  6. When you are ready to book, select the "Request to Book" button and you will be directed to the payment page.
  7. Payment transaction is only for a down-payment. 
  8. It is your responsibility to pay the remaining balance, if any, directly to the service provider, at, or before the event, unless otherwise specified by the service provider. By accepting this payment, the service provider confirms the date and the total amount of the service.

If you are a Jewish Voice Talent and wish to post listings: 
Simply sign-up, edit your profile and start listing your services. All listings are being reviewed by an administrator before posted.
- NO posting fees
- We charge 15% of the total transaction price (advance payment) from the seller only

To accept payments, you need to do two things:
  1. Connect a PayPal account. JVocals uses PayPal as its payment processor.
  2. Give permission to your marketplace to charge a transaction fee.
In practice, when a buyer buys your service, the entire amount is moved to the seller's PayPal account (minus PayPal's payment processing fees), after which the transaction fee of 15% is automatically charged from the seller's PayPal account in a separate transaction.
Your can post new listings on JVocals before connecting your PayPal account. However, you cannot accept payments before connecting your account. If someone tries to make a purchase from you, without a connected PayPal account, the buyer will receive a notification encouraging them to contact you about it.

Always make your best effort to provide the highest quality service, ensuring 100% satisfaction.
Users are prompted to rate and review each other automatically after each paid transaction.
The better the ratings & reviews, the more likely you are to get jobs.

Watch the tutorial video: