Moti boyer

Cantor moti boyer was born in jerusalem in 1989,
He grow up by a family of baaley tefilah,
Started to learn music in age 7, by a private teachers.

He learned chazzanut by cantor shlomo eisenbach who was a chazzan in Heichal shlomo. And music theory harmony composition and orchestration by Emanuel vahl.

Cantor Boyer known as a good performer and mainly cantor rosenblatt style, other than that he also a composer of chazzanut and chassidic songs.

He davened in a lot sinagouges around the world,
Israel, USA and Europe, with choirs an without.

Last year was a chazzan r"h and yom kipur in Rama shul, tel Aviv, and this year in Richmond Virginia, also this year he will do the first night slichot in london, the 2th year already after the success of his first show in London.

Years of experience: 13
Ashkenzai (Sfard/Ashkenaz)
Sefaradic- Andalusia (Moroccan/Algerian)
Sefaradic- Jerusalem (Halabi/Tunisian/Persian/Iraqi)
For Sefaradic- Andalusi: Control in Original Nusach (Shaa'bi):
My stream: Ultra Orthodox
Performing Streams:
Ultra Orthodox
Modern Orthodox
Conservative - Masorti
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