Cantor Israel Rand

Israel Rand 'was born in Tel Aviv. As a Child, was a soloist in the choir of Cantor Shlomo Ravitz, from him he learned the foundations of cantorship and he who was greatly foretold greatness of Israel.
He completed his training as a cantor, at the Israeli Cantorial School under the direction of conductor Eli Yaffe and was a student of cantor Moshe Stern.
Israel Rand served as cantor in the Meir Hall Synagogue in Tel Aviv and for about 7 years at the Great Synagogue in Ramat Gan. From 1994 to 2005, he served as cantor at Hampton Synagogue in Long Island, New York.
On Passover 2006, he returned to serve in the Great Synagogue in Ramat Gan, accompanied by the "Voices from the Heaven" choir, conducted by Rafi Bitton, and since then the synagogue has become the center of Cantorship and music of the highest standard, and the stone lovers of cantors from all over the country hear the wonderful combination of the two.
The unique prayers continue the glorious tradition of the 70 years of the Great Synagogue in Ramat Gan, where they served as regular cantors and guests of the great cantors of the world.
In his many performances, Israel Rand appears at the Opera House in major concert halls such as: Lincoln Center in New York, the Prague Opera House, Budapest and Palm Beach, accompanied by the best orchestras including: The Israel Philharmonic, Baltimore, Prague and Budapest.
His repertoire includes besides cantor songs, opera, Neapolitan, Yiddish, Israeli and Hasidic songs, and he is a guest on radio and television programs.
In recent years, he regularly performs with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra as part of the annual Jubilee Concert Series, "Yuval", conducted by the R.I.P Dr. Mordechai Sobol and now by Ophir Sobol- his son.
Israel also performs in various productions at the "Yiddishpiel Theater" and participated in 3 different productions: in the "Carlebach Hai" musical about the life of the Rebbe, Shlomo Carlebach, in the "Chabad singing" musical and in the production of "Cantors and Die Yiddish Soul".
Israel Rand serves as Senior Lecturer at the Cantorial School in Petah Tikva, one of the leading in his field in the world, under the musical direction of Eli Yaffe.

Years of experience: 32
Ashkenzai (Sfard/Ashkenaz)
Sefaradic- Andalusia (Moroccan/Algerian)
Sefaradic- Jerusalem (Halabi/Tunisian/Persian/Iraqi)
My stream: Orthodox
Performing Streams:
Ultra Orthodox
Modern Orthodox
Conservative - Masorti

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