udi ullmann

Udi Ullmann exploded onto the international Jewish music scene with his debut album "Aguda Achat".

It became one of the fastest selling dubut albums in recent memory.

Since releasing his first album,Udi has won acclaim as one of the fastest rising superstarts in the Jewish musical world.

He has released four additional successful albums.

Udi is the only israeli singer to be honored with the coveted title of "Chassidic Singer of the Year" two years in a row.

He has performed across the world, with numerous repeat performences in England, France, Austria,Belgium,Holland,Lithuania,South Africa, and in the United States.

In addition to his solo performances, Udi has performed in concerts with the greatest Jewish singers in the world. For the last 2 years Udi had lead the group "Chazanim in Jeans" ,and its popularity has helped change the perception of the Chazanut world in Israel.

Udi's has displayed his keen musical talents in diverse musical events across the Jewish calender.

He is sought after performer at weddings and chupa ceremonies, bar and bat mizvahs, Gala Dinners, and Kabbalat Shabat and Havdala concerts.

He has also been a featured performer in the Shabat Project around the globe.

Udi is also an acclaimed Cantor.He has lead inspirational tefilot during high holiday services ,Pesach retreats and special concerts.

He has served as the high holiday cantor at a leading synagogue in Aventura ,Florida for the last decade.

Years of experience: 20
Ashkenzai (Sfard/Ashkenaz)
Sefaradic- Andalusia (Moroccan/Algerian)
Sefaradic- Jerusalem (Halabi/Tunisian/Persian/Iraqi)
My stream: Orthodox
Performing Streams:
Ultra Orthodox
Modern Orthodox
Conservative - Masorti
Instagram: udi ullmann

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