Chazan Michael S. Sobol

Michael S. Sobol, was born in Basel, Switzerland. He is the grandson of Chazan Moshe (Moriz) Sobol, performing in Switzerland and France. Since 1999 he has been leading High Holiday services and occasionally Shabbat & Yom Tov services at the Main Jewish Community of Basel (Israelitische Gemeinde Basel) and the ‘La Charmille’ Shul.

Michael has a rich and warm lyric tenor voice, a dynamic personality with enthusiasm that prompts congregational involvement and participation in the prayer experience.
He learned Nussach and Chazzanut from the great Cantors in Basel (Israel Karmon, Marcel (Moshe) Lang, Issachar Helman). Most of them are rooted in the eastern-oriented tradition. The Chazzanut they have brought with them to Basel reflect more or less the German-Ashkenasy tradition, albeit with an Eastern-European character. Michael cultivates this style and combines in a fantastic way classical chazzanut pieces with contemporary congregational singing. He arranges them both that they intermingle and flow into each other.

Michael studied voice for over 18 years with Michel Uhlmann – a professional voice teacher, vocal coach, conductor and music educationalist at the world famous ‘Schola Cantorum Basiliensis’in Basel - Switzerland. In 2013 Michael moved to Bergenfield, NJ and studies voice & coaching with Cantor Sol Zim and Cantor/Tenor Benjamin Warschawski.

Michael’s repertoire includes pieces from Yossele Rosenblatt, Leib Glantz, Samuel Malavski, David Kousevitsky, Moshe Kousevitsky, Avraham Himelstein, Louis Lewandowski, Salomon Sulzer, Jacob Rappaport, Pierre Pinchik, Ludwig Epstein, Sholom Secunda, J. Meisel, Oscar Julius and many more.

Annees d'experience: 30
Ashkenaze (Sefarade/Ashkenaze)
Sefarade- Andalousie (Moroccan/Algerian)
Sefarade- Jerusalem (Halabi/Tunisien/Perse/Irakien)
Mon courant: Modern Orthodoxe
Courant de performance:
Ultra Orthodoxe
Moderne Orthodoxe
Conservatif - Masorti
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