5 Voice Lessons Package - Best Discount

To all Ba'aley T'filah and Hazzanim at large,

I am delighted to offer this special discount package exclusively for JVocals this season.

I will be sharing the knowledge from 35+ years' experience as a Hazzan, Voice Teacher, Concert Artist, Composer, Producer, Pianist, Conductor and Recording Artist.

My Music Degrees are a B.A. and M.S. from the Aaron Copland School of Music, and an S.C. in Jewish Education and Administration from Yeshiva University.

I am a uniquely supportive, creative teacher. My approach is clear and patient, committed to your progress, success, and the lessons are fun!

My vocal training over the past 10 years has been Cantor Avshalom Zfira, and my Cantorial training was with Cantor Noah Schall. I published his last book of Nusach for Shabbat morning.

This package is designed for the aspiring singer, the professional artist, or for the Cantor in preparation for a career or for the High Holidays. Each lesson is an hour lesson, either on Zoom, Skype or in person.


הקלטות שמע (כתובת אינטרנט): https://youtu.be/67JdTmkMgnY
התמחות בז'אנר מוסיקאלי:
שנות ניסיון: 35
מופיע כזמר/חזן על במה:
הערות/תוספות: Enjoy the special pricing on this 5 sessions package! Please note, that the advance payment is the Full Service Price and Complete Payment for this package.
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