Tutoring for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Israel

As part of a package of celebrating an unforgettable Reform bar/bat mitzvah in Israel through my congregation, Kehilat Har-El in Jerusalem, I am available for preparing and tutoring your son or daughter for this very special occasion. Online sessions are held over Zoom.

The service itself, at the egalitarian section of the Kotel, Massada, or other locations throughout Israel, will led by me together with our congregation's rabbi, Rabbi Ada Zavidov.

Looking forward to celebrating with you!

קטגוריית מחיר: <$1,000
אשכנזי (ספרד/אשכנז)
ספרדי- אנדלוסיה (מרוקאי/אלג'יראי)
ספרדי- ירושלמי (חאלבי/טוניסאי/פרסי/עיראקי)
שירת הבקשות
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