Samuel Berlad

I grew up in Germany in a Romanian - German - American Family. I studied Classical Voice and Vocal Pedagogy in Frankfurt under Richard Staab and Prof. Thomas Heyer.
Following in my Grandfather's footsteps and after moving to Jerusalem, I studied Chazzanut with Naftali Herstik, Raymond Goldstein and the staff of TACI. I also worked with Prof. Eliyahu Shleifer.
I perform as both a classical baritone (operatic roles and solo concerts) as well as officiating regularly as a cantor. I naturally gravitate towards the Western European Style.
Additionally, I have a lot of knowledge and experience as a Voice Teacher for both Opera and Chazzanut.
I served in the IDF as a Voice Teacher in the Rabbinate Division and continue to serve there as a reservist.

גיל: 32
שנות ניסיון: 15
אשכנזי (ספרד/אשכנז)
ספרדי- אנדלוסיה (מרוקאי/אלג'יראי)
ספרדי- ירושלמי (חאלבי/טוניסאי/פרסי/עיראקי)
הזרם שלי: קונסרבטיבי
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