Cantor Yossi Schwartz

Cantor, conductor, composer, producer and a teacher, with experience of over 9years in music and Jewish liturgical music. Extensive experience in arrangement of musical programs, conducting, establishment of choirs, theater performances, prayers and festive events.

Work Experience:
· Senior teacher at the Central School of Jewish Music and Jewish Liturgical Music in Petah Tikva.
· Teaches solpage including theory and practicle, harmony and development of tonal hearing.
· Teaches choir conducting, study of musical material, working on dynamics and preparation for vocal concert with a symphony orchestra.
· Private and extracurricular tutoring for concert performance, and prayer services
· Today head cantor at the Sky Lake Miami Beach Synagogue conducting of High Holiday services with congregation participation in songs and melodies
· Shabbat prayer services several times a year, community events, bar Mitzvahs , weddings, yahrtzeit and memorial events.

Significant achievements:
· Created and established the official choir of the Central School of Music and Jewish Liturgical Music of Petach Tikva and their appearance together with the symphony orchestra
· Production of the first ever comprehensive Jewish liturgical music collections, textbook on arrangement of their musical content.
· Solo appearance in the Jerusalem theater with the Jerusalem Philharmonic Orchestra

שנות ניסיון: 9
אשכנזי (ספרד/אשכנז)
ספרדי- אנדלוסיה (מרוקאי/אלג'יראי)
ספרדי- ירושלמי (חאלבי/טוניסאי/פרסי/עיראקי)
הזרם שלי: דתי-מסורתי
מופיע בפני קהל:
הקלטות שמע/סרטוני יוטיוב:
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