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Cantor Gavriel (Gábor) Nachum Oren Born in the month of Sivan 5715 (1955) in Budapest, Hungary Gavriel is the first child born to his family who are Holocaust survivors, his mother a survivor of "Bergen Belsen" and his father survivor of "Auschwitz",

Gavriel was raised and educated in a religious Zionist family, influenced by his grandmother Berta Beila Z"L (daughter of Rabbi Meir Yehuda Klein Z"L and Gitel Katalin Fridman Z"L) and grandfather
R' Ben Zion Reismann Z"L,
He studied at various Torah institutions and was raised on the knees of cantors, with the encouragement of his mother Aliza Esther Z"L, who dedicated her life to his education. Gavriel played the violin, studied music, conducting and voice development. Since he was 4 years old, he listened to the great cantors, studied and diligently practiced the liturgy. He premiered as Chazan at his bar mitzvah.

At age 14, he registered at the Sela Seminar for Cantorial Studies at the Bilu school in Tel- Aviv, and studied under the tutelage of Shlomo Ravitz Z"L, one of the greatest cantors and teachers.

1973 At age 18, he was offered his first cantorial position in "Haichal- Habanim Synagogue" Synagogue of German origin with the blessing of the renowned Rabbi Shmuel Avidor Hacohen Z"L. He served their until 1985.

1974 -1977 Cantor Gavriel Nachum Oren served in the IDF as a Military cantor and a soloist in the Military Rabbanut choir under the Conductor Maestro Mr. Menashe Lev- Ran.
(During his military service He had a special permission from the IDF to serve as cantor in "H.H.S").

1986-1989 Chazan of "Ohel Sarha" Central Synagogue in Rehovot,

Gavriel conducted the "Yeshivat Bnei Akiva" Ra'anana,
"Pirchei Herzlia", and "Gil Hazahav" choirs.

1990-1991 Chazan of "Ohel Itzchak" Synagogue of Sir Isaac Wolfson in Rehovot,

In 1992 Gavriel was asked by Rabbi Avidor Hacohen z"l to return to "Haichal Habanim Snagogue", he served again as the cantor until November 2006.
From 1992 until today Cantor Gavriel Nachum Oren
Serves as the Cantor of Chevra Kadisha Ra'anana.

In November 2006, Cantor Oren lost his beloved wife Tzipora, she passed away suddenly from cardiac arrest.

From 2007 Cantor Gavriel Nachum Oren performs as a High Holiday Cantor, 2 years in Montreal, 7 years in Toronto and now in Ohio.
During 2007 Gavriel founded and established - The first "Mobile Synagogue in Israel", that organizes all Jewish ceremonies.

Cantor Gavriel Nachum Oren performed across the country and around the world.

In 2004, Cantor Oren appeared in a special concert series in both London and South Africa to raise funds for the victims of terrorist attacks and their families in Israel, Cantor Oren was accompanied by the choir conducted by Dr. Shimon Kogen, The concerts were sponsored by Mr. Mark Belzberg – Canada-Israel, Mr. Martin Donner – England-South Africa-Israel and Mr. David Samson - South Africa. All the proceeds went to the victims of terrorist attacks and their families.

Cantor Gavriel Nachum Oren lost suddenly his beloved wife Tzipora Z"L, on 22 Cheshvan 5767 – (12.11.06) at the age of 48. Gavriel is father to: Adir Ben-zion married to Netanela, Orli Metal married to Elad Peled , Ofir Bert and Itai Ze'ev and the grandfather of Alin Roza, Ori Moshe, Ariel Tzipora, Eyal Oren and Yoav Haim, Gali Aliza Peled .
On August 2, 2018, after 12 years of widows Gavriel married
Ida (Ben-David) Formanski ,Ida has two children: Chen and Yael, Ida is a piano teacher and violinist and conductor of choirs.

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Shirat Ha'Bakashot (The Song of Requests)
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